I’ve been seeing lots of lists around lately – you know the kind –  the top 10 movies of 2007, the 25 best health tips, or even the 10 dumbest celebrities.  Anyway, I thought I would make a list of my own – about Attention Deficit Disorder, of course.  So, here it is: 5 Random Tips for Managing AD/HD 

  1.  Get some natural light every day, preferably at least 15 minutes.  This is especially helpful in the shorter, darker months of the year. By the way, getting natural light means going outside to get it; it doesn’t count if it comes through the window.
  2. Use the energy of the new year and new beginnings to start fresh with something.  Clear out a backpack so it feels shiny, brand new, and clean, or start a fresh page with a new dayplanner.  Clear out your desk, or just one drawer. Don’t get carried away – people with ADD do that – pick something small and manageable and just do that.
  3. Start a new habit of the month.  Pick one ADD symptom that you would like to improve, make a plan (remember, manageable), and then work on it for the whole month.  How about in January you add in an extra 10 minutes to whatever it is you’re planning to do?  Does the trip to school take 15 minutes?  Allow for 25.  Need an hour for homework?  Plan on an hour and ten minutes.  If you need the extra time, you’ll have it, and if you don’t, you can experience what not being rushed and/or late feels like – a rare treat for someone with AD/HD.
  4. Drink more water.  I don’t know if there is any proof that it helps ADD, but it’s good for everybody, and you know you don’t drink enough.  By the way – I have a personal theory that being properly hydrated does help brain function, but it is just that – my personal theory, and I’m just a mom, not a scientist.
  5. Put more good stuff in and you’ll get more good stuff out.  Again, I’m just a mom (see above), but it just makes sense.  One of my resolutions has been to lose weight (a real shocker, I know), and it occurred to me the other day that my body would work better, feel better, and be better if I gave it what it needed instead of what I thought I wanted (like M & M’s).  Would you plant a beautiful rose bush and then water it with Diet Coke?  Of course not, and if you did , would you be surprised if it didn’t grow?  The same is true of your body, your child’s body, anybody’s body.  Take the time and care to feed your family good food and you’ll all be the better for it.
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