It’s that time of year again – at least here in the US. Back to school is the theme – in stores, newspapers, and on TV commercials.

Chances are you’ll be doing some back to school shopping sometime soon. New clothes, new school supplies.

If you’ve got an ADD Student, try giving some thought beforehand as to what supplies will make their school year easier and hopefully more successful.

All of my kids always wanted a notebook and folder for each subject. The girls would pick pretty ones with puppies, kittens or horses on them, while my son went for solid colors. He’s a pretty understated kind of guy.

Personally, I think that less is more for an ADD kid.

One or two notebooks (the 3-5 subject ones) and one folder should do the trick. A binder could be useful, too, but a lot of kids don’t like them and they do seem to encourage lost papers.

One 5 subject notebook can get your child through an entire day of classes. If they have 6 classes, use two 3 subject notebooks – one for morning and one for afternoon. The same folder is used all day.

Spiral notebooks mean less chance of lost papers because very little should be removed from it. The notebooks are for taking notes in class – one section for each class. The notebook should be replaced if one section fills up, so be sure to buy extra now while they’re cheap.

Any loose papers go into the folder. The left side of the folder is for homework and other papers to be turned in, and the right side is for papers that have been graded or need to go home.

At the end of the school day, the left side should be empty, and the right side should usually have papers in it. The following morning, the left side should be full and the right side should be empty.

The simplicity of this system helps keep your ADD Student organized and in control. Regular maintenance helps too.

Add some pens and pencils, and you should be all set for a new school year.

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  1. cat supplies says:

    This is the answers to my prayers. Thanks for all the great advice. It will really come in handy.

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