When I first decided to become an ADD Coach, it was to help kids who have ADHD do better in school. I did it for several years and found it both frustrating and rewarding.

My life circumstances have changed and I no longer do coaching, but I thought I would give you a little information about it in case you have considered it.

Coaching can be a very effective way to help students with ADHD be more successful in school but it can also be a very long and slow process.

Most coaches who work with ADHD do not specialize in students and learning and most of them work over the phone.

I personally have found that it is more difficult to engage a teen or adolescent over the phone. In addition, one of the most important keys to successful ADHD coaching is motivation to change. I find that in many cases, the parents are motivated but the child is not.

When you are looking for help for your ADD Student, the best place to start is to get an idea of where the problem actually is.

Are their grades poor in math because they don’t understand it or is it because they have so many missing assignments? Are they getting good grades on their tests but not in the class overall? Is it a problem regardless of the class or is it just one or two classes?

Talk to your child and their teachers to get a better idea of what’s going on so that you can begin to formulate a solution.

If the problem is academic – they don’t understand math – then a tutor may help. You might want to find one that is knowledgeable about ADHD; that could be a huge help.

If the problem is losing assignments or managing time, you might want to consider a personal organizer. Again, knowledge of ADHD is helpful.

If they are doing well on assignments but not tests, it may be test anxiety. You can work with them to teach them some skills to help, or you could see a professional.

Psychologists and social workers are often good people to seek out to help with behavioral changes, and may be covered by your health insurance too.

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