Getting homework done, knowing that there is homework and having both the assignment and the books necessary, and then getting it back to school on time and handed in; is there anything more difficult about raising an ADD Student?

It’s a constant battle for parents and kids alike.

Here are 5 tips that may make the whole homework process easier for your family:

1. Homework needs a schedule, an appointment, if you will. Leaving homework to be done sometime before the day is over is courting disaster. You need a specific time each day allotted for homework.

2. Allow your child to work in a way that suits them best. A desk with good lighting and absolute silence may not be it. Your child may prefer softer lighting, laying on the floor, and soft music in the background. Classical is most effective. A lot of ADD Students work best when they can walk around the room. Let them figure out what works best for them.

3. The right environment can help. As mentioned, classical music can distract the restless side of the brain while still allowing learning to take place. Turn the TV off and the cell phone, too. Make sure computer time is spent on homework, not Facebook.

4. Designate one folder for all homework going back to school. Make sure it is placed in the folder the night before, preferably in order of classes. You might want to take the extra step of putting the folder in the backpack, too.

5. Make a copy of your child’s homework, or see if the teacher is willing to have a backup copy emailed to him or her. This is especially important for any classes where the grades are not as good as you would like them to be.

Adding structure and predictability to homework can make it easier to manage.

How do you manage homework at your house?

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