New Years is a time when most of us look back and reflect on the previous year and look forward to the coming one. We set resolutions for the new year, hoping to make it a better one.

Most ADD Students get a sort of clean slate for New Years in that most of them are beginning a new semester, or are soon about to. New teachers, new classes, and a new chance to do things differently.

You might want to spend some time with your ADD Student at the beginning of this new year to take a look at where improvements can be made.

It’s more than just an admonishment to “get better grades” or “work harder”. How can they get better grades? Where are they failing now? What changes can you make to help?

Get the answers to those questions and you have the beginnings of an action plan. Now you have to put the plan in place.

Does getting better grades mean keeping better track of assignments? Then that might mean a planner that works. Find out why the old one doesn’t and then start looking for ones that fit the needs better. Now schedule a time to look for and purchase or make that planner.

Maybe better grades means more time devoted to studying. Do you have homework rules in place as to when and where? Do you have a dedicated spot to do homework and is it effectively used? Does your ADD Student really know how to study?

Again, find answers, then solutions. Then take the action step of putting them to work.

You can plan all you want, but if you never take the action steps to put the plan to work, you have done nothing.

Teach your ADD Student some good lifelong habits this New Years.

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