Reading is an important skill for everyone regardless if you have ADHD or not.

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People with ADHD often say that when they try to read something they get to the end of the page without knowing what they just read. This is especially true if what you are reading is not interesting to you.

There are lots of ways to improve reading and comprehension skills, but one of the easiest is just to read more.

Kids can often be reluctant readers so it’s up to parents to do all they can to encourage reading.

Here are 5 ways to do that:

1. Read yourself. How can you instill a love of reading if you’re not setting a good example? Be sure that your kids see you reading more than the morning paper and the latest People magazine.

2. Make books a treat. When my children were small (and even now) they knew that getting a toy when we went shopping wasn’t going to happen, but getting a book was a pretty sure bet.

3. Read to your kids, regardless of age. It doesn’t have to be a book. Maybe you find an interesting article about one of your child’s interests. You could read it to them, or summarize it and let them read it themselves.

4. Consider gifts like a Kindle or Nook for your child or the family. There are also free apps for readers that you could add to a smart phone or iPad. You can also find free books online. Maybe a book presented in an electronic format will be more appealing.

5. Consider reading materials other than books. Magazines for instance, or graphic novels. ( A graphic novel is sort of like a comic book in that there is artwork in addition to the text).

Reading opens up so many avenues and experiences. Teaching your child to love reading will be a lifelong gift.

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