You know that I always try to put a positive spin on ADHD. I look at it as more of a difference than a disability or deficit. Personally, if I had the choice, I would choose to be ADHD.

Dr. Lara Honos-Webb has written a couple of books about the gifts associated with ADHD. One is aimed at parents and the other at adults with ADHD.

I have read Dr. Honos-Webb’s book “The Gift of Depression” and I can tell you that she focuses on providing solutions as well as looking at things from a more positive standpoint.

This Thursday ADD Resources is presenting a free webinar with Dr. Honos-Webb called “The Gift of ADHD: How to Transform Your Child’s Problems into Strengths”.

Here is a little bit more information:

The Gift of ADHD with Dr. Lara Honos-Webb

Thursday, August 18th at 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern


Please join Dr. Lara Honos-Webb as she shares her vision that will transform you and your families life. As a parent, you have an enormous amount of power to heal your child!

If you are interested in attending, there is no cost. Click this link to register for the call.

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