The holiday season is in full swing. There are Christmas carols on the radio and tons of commercials on TV.

Everyone’s kids get hyper this time of year, but if you have a child who’s just naturally energetic, the holiday season can seem especially overwhelming.

In addition to everything that you have to do for the holidays, you also have to keep your ADHD child in check.

Here are a few ideas to help you out:

Be even more vigilant about things like a good healthy diet and plenty of sleep. Try to control the sugar too.

Try to maintain a low key atmosphere at home. Maybe you could bake cookies, make some crafts or holiday cards, or watch a special movie together.

Have a talk with your child about expected behavior at other’s homes. Explain that you understand that these situations might be too stimulating or overwhelming for them, but that they need to do the best they can.

Maybe you can work out a secret word or phrase in advance for them to let you know that they need a break. If you’re having guests in your home, find a place for your child to escape to when they need some time alone.

Try to do your shopping without your kids. This time of year the mall is crazy and with everything going on there, it can easily send your child into overdrive.

Look for things to do that are more active, and preferably outside. Sledding or skating, building a snow man, taking a walk in the park, or even a drive to look at the lights are all good choices.

Finally, remember to enjoy the season and time with your family.

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