As the parent of a child with Attention Deficit Disorder, you know how they struggle with things that others take for granted. I know that it hurts you and frustrates you; them, too.

And I know that you want to do what you can to help.

As a coach, I always start with the thing that is affecting their lives the most.

Think about it. If you could solve one problem for your child, what would it be?

I know a lot of you are thinking “school”.

That’s certainly a valid concern and one common to most kids with ADHD.

But “school” by itself is too big.

You have to start doing what Dr. Phil calls “drilling down”.

You have to narrow your focus until you come up with something small enough to be doable. You won’t solve this overnight.

In fact, this is a process that you and your child will go through over and over again. And they will need to learn to do it for themselves as they get older.

OK, so “school” is too big. Let’s get more specific.


Remembering to do it. Or remembering that they have it. Or turning it in.


Now let’s drill down a little bit more.

Which class has the worst grade due to not handing in homework?

Now you have a place to begin.

Concentrating on making sure that one class’s homework gets turned in every day is much less overwhelming than tackling all of the classes at once.

But here’s the thing: when your child develops a strategy for making sure that math homework gets turned in every day, they have learned a skill that they can now apply to their other classes.

See how that works?


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