Happy 2012! I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful new year!

Is your ADD Student ready for the new year?

At many schools, this marks the beginning of a new semester or term. It’s almost like the beginning of school again. A fresh start, a new beginning.

As your ADD Student is coming back from vacation and headed back to school, try to send them off with a clean slate.

Start with a neat and organized backpack. Make sure it has the things that they will need: pencils, pens, erases, notebooks, calculators, and of course, their planner.

Be sure to get them some sort of calendar for their room, and a new one for the family too.

Fill in any important dates that you are already aware of, including school breaks.

Take a moment before you jump back into your routines to look at the week ahead and plan for what’s coming. Have your ADD Student plan a week’s worth of outfits and put them together on hangers. Don’t forget socks, underwear and shoes.

Work this week to establish some small changes. One small change at a time can add up to big changes over the long term.

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