Those of us with ADHD have issues with time. Sometimes it flies by and other times it crawls. Sometimes we have trouble keeping track of it and we never seem to have enough of it.

Teaching your ADD Student to manage their time more effectively is one of the most valuable things that you can do.

Here are 5 tips for managing time more effectively:

1. Make a habit of tracking your time. Estimate how long something will take, double that amount of time, and then keep track of how long it really took. When my kitchen is at it’s messiest, it can be a discouraging sight. But I know that even at it’s worst, it only only takes 20 minutes to get it clean. That’s motivation enough to get started.

2. Don’t try to do more than one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is not all it’s cracked up to be. Studies have shown that it’s actually counter productive. If you get bored with something, switch to something else for a while and then go back.

3. Eliminate as many distractions as possible. If you really have something to do, your phone needs to be off, silent, or in another room. Turn off the TV too.

4. Schedule the things that you need to do like appointments. The fact that you have a paper to write isn’t enough to get it done until the last minute. Break it up into parts and then schedule time to do them.

5. Take a shower and get dressed first thing in the morning. Really. This tells your brain that you are ready for the day. Hanging out in your PJ’s half the day is not conducive to work. Get up and get going. You’ll have time to lounge later when your work is done and you’ll feel better because of it.

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