Did you know that one of the co-morbidities that can come along with Attention Deficit Disorder is asthma? Weird but true.

And personally I think that reparatory allergies are connected too.

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A study just out done by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York has tied snoring and other sleep disorders to a greater risk of behavioral problems, ADHD and/or anxiety issues. Children who experienced sleep and breathing problems such as snoring or sleep apnea at the age of 2-3 were more likely to be diagnosed later with one or more of these conditions.

The study, however, cannot link the sleep disorders directly to the behavior and ADD issues. There are other factors to consider, such as the parents education and income level, their race, the child’s birth weight and whether or not the mother smoked during pregnancy.

Interesting but basically not helpful news to those of us with children who have ADHD and may have had breathing issues when they were younger. After all, it doesn’t offer a solution, merely a possible contributor. If, like my daughter Sarah, you’re expecting :), then perhaps it’s one more reason to take good care of yourself.

I think that we what might take from this study is first, the importance of a good night’s sleep. The study noted that children who had sleep issues would benefit from positive steps taken to help them sleep better. Removing tonsils and/or adenoids, treating allergies, and even losing weight – if that’s an issue – can all help improve sleep.

I would also suggest keeping the bedroom area especially clean if allergies are a problem. More frequent vacuuming (or wood floors), dusting, washing bed linens more often, using an air filter, removing stuffed animals from the bed area, and maybe even using a cool mist vaporizer can help. I’ve also found that the Fabreeze Allergen Reducer helps a great deal. I use it once a week when I change the sheets.

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