Did you know that Scholastic offers a variety of worksheets for students K-8 on subjects like math and reading? And that they have over 15,000 printables and resources to aid parents in helping their children learn?

One of my favorites – and one of the more important ones in my opinion – is the Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Being able to read and to understand what you have read is one of the most valuable skills that a child can learn.

If your child is having difficulty learning to read or remembering what they’ve read, don’t hesitate to get them help right away. When my kids were in elementary school, the school had the attitude that everyone learns to read by third grade and so not a lot of importance was placed on first or second graders who struggled with reading. I completely disagree.

Many ADD Students (and even those without ADHD) have trouble reading, retaining, and comprehending what they have read. A Reading Comprehension Worksheet that will help them master this skill is invaluable, especially when it comes from a respected source like Scholastic.

Even if you’re lucky enough to have good readers in your house, be sure to check out Scholastic’s site for other resources.

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